James ‘Jimmy” Sandvig is a US musician for the American metal band Within Sight.

Jimmy first started playing piano at age 10, drums at age 12, and bass at age 13. Throughout the years Jimmy has played bass for numerous jam bands. In 2007 Jimmy was the bassist playing with Sean Bowden, Jake Hammon, and Ryan Pruit in the band Last Stand. Following their break up in 2010, Jimmy teamed up with Cory Ogden, Austin Walker, and Jeremy Jordan to form Shadow of Apollo. After they broke up in 2012, Jimmy took a year break from music.

In 2014 Jimmy joined Within Sight as the bassist along with Jeremy Jordan as lead vocalist. In 2015 Jeremy left Within Sight due to creative differences. Jimmy continues to put his heart and soul into playing bass for Within Sight, looking to start heavily touring; thus starting a new chapter with his brothers Grant Evans, Steven Carlson, Sean Searls, and Sean Trenda.




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