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     Within Sight is an American heavy metal band from Vancouver, WA. The band was founded in late 2011 by vocalist/guitarist Grant Evans and guitarist Steven Carlson. In November 2013 Within Sight found their third guitarist/soloist Sean ‘Shredder’ Searls. Shortly after, they found the youngest member of the band, Sean Trenda at only 19 years old. Jeremy Jordan (vocalist) and Jimmy  Sandvig (bassist) were a package deal and had contacted the band through an online ad. After just one try-out, they became the last two members to complete the lineup of Within Sight. However, due to creative differences vocalist Jeremy Jordan left the band late in the summer of 2015. Upon Jeremy’s departure, the band continued to successfully move forward with Grant now as lead vocalist/guitarist and Trenda as drummer/back up screams/vocals.

     The band’s sound comes from a unique blend of all the musical influences each band member carries. Grant has heavily studied Bullet For My Valentine, and also brings a pop/punk feel to the mix with A Day To Remember influence as well. Steven has studied Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium, with his favorite band being Metallica. Shredder has a huge Metallica influence and can bring any song to life with a shredding solo. Trenda (a.k.a. Gerber) has studied the unforgettable Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan from Avenged Sevenfold since he started playing drums in 2007. Primus is the best way to describe Jimmy. His personality and talent reflects what he listens to.

     Within Sight has come a long way since playing their first show in March 2014, having already released their first album “The Distance Traveled” in December of 2014. They are currently writing and recording fresh new music for their second full length album which they plan to release by late 2016. On top of playing heavy metal, WS will be releasing three acoustic tracks off their album this year. These unique tracks will feature Grant singing very melodic harmonies with no screaming to show the versatility of the band. Also, two of the acoustic songs have guitar solos, one of them done by lead guitarist Steven in the song I’d Rather Meet Your Ghost.

   The band has played shows all over the Seattle area at venues such as Studio 7 and Hard Rock Cafe, as well as all over the Portland Metro Area at venues such as The Hawthorne Theater and The Analog. In the summer of 2015 WS won a Battle of the Bands, thus winning a spot on Portland’s 2015 Vans Warped Tour. Also that same summer Within Sight played at the Clark County Fair, rumored to be the first metal band to ever be allowed to perform there. The band also helped promote and played at a benefit concert for the victims of the UCC shooting in October 2015. Within Sight has released three official music videos, and is always working on new projects to keep their fans intrigued and excited to see what’s coming up next.

     The band is now looking to tour heavily in the very near future, hoping to expand from the west coast, over to the east coast, and then all over the world.

A bright future is Within Sight.

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